To tackle period stigma by making less discrete and more honest packaging for school children. For this project, I decided to design a set of packaging for period pads that challenged the current boundaries and dared to change the current perception on periods. I called my brand ‘HIGHKEY’ as this is a generation Z slang term meaning obviously, proudly and openly. I used red as my main visual as well as rebellious and edgy typography to reflect the tone of the brand. I decided to make 3 different sizes of pads to ensure a more convenient and considerate product. I called these Flow, BTWN and Spot to reflect each stage of a period. I also made social media assets and a point of sale display to show how the brand would interact with its audience. 
South West Design & Digital Student Awards 2021 finalist.
This project won the 'Made Us Think' award which was an additional title created.

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